Constructability Review 

We examine each project based on how it will be built, including the sequencing of activities; potential construction conflicts; and the impact(s) to stakeholders and the public.  We also assess and recommend ways to engineer value into the project.  

    • Construction Risk Assessment
    • Site and Access Assessment
    • Temporary Structures and Procedures
    • Value Engineering

Cost Estimating

There is no substitute for hands-on experience with estimating construction costs. Our history as successful contractors enables our CX Consulting team to draw upon quantifiable data with real costs and durations as we develop the most accurate independent cost estimate possible.

    • Independent Cost Estimating (ICE)
    • Bottoms-Up Estimating (BUE)

Schedule Analysis

Critical Path Scheduling has become the primary tool for mitigating the impact of latent physical conditions or other unforeseen project delays. A well-planned schedule with realistic cost and resource loading developed during the planning phase and implemented throughout construction will result in enhanced project performance and overall project success.  

Keenly aware that disputes and claims can occur in even the most carefully planned projects, CX Consulting staff is experienced in providing unbiased evaluation, negotiation, conciliation, mediation, and arbitration. We proactively work with our clients to seek alternative means of resolution before issues escalate to potential litigation.

    • Construction Schedule Analysis
    • Construction Time Determination (CTD)
    • Claims Analysis and Alternate Dispute Resolution (ARD)