Design Build Superstructure Replacement of Warwick Bridges 683 & 684

  • Project Description
  • Scope of Work

Superstructure Replacement of two bridges on the I-95 corridor using Design-Build procurement and Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) techniques. ABC methods were recommended during Stage 1 and Stage 3 to complete the superstructure demolition and reconstruction within a 58-Hour Weekend Closure thereby reducing the traffic impacts to the furthest extent possible. Because the two structures are in close proximity the implementation of highway crossovers were implemented to complete the work.

CXC conducted a construction risk assessment and constructability review of Base Technical Concept (BTC) design build documents prior to advertising the procurement. CXC’s tasks included flushing out any inconsistences, ambiguities and errors in the BTC package to avoid potential cost overruns and schedule delays. The assessment included an independent confirmation of bridge quantities and cost estimates and a review of construction schedule logic and durations during incentivized weekend traffic closures to confirm the Construction Time Determination (CTD).